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protecting young corn and beans from deer

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I have a good spot that I have planted for several years with normal food plot products, I want to plant some corn and soybean this coming season. My question is how do I protect these crops until they mature for the deer to use this fall. I don't want to scare them off for good like some of the products state. I want the deer to use it but not until hunting time. Any ideas how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. I want them to only use it when I'm ready for them to use it.thanks.
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my question is why bother with corn or soybeans. I assume that your plots are strictly for harvesting and not nutritional value, so why not plant fall maturing plants like brassicas. The deer will not attack them till first frost when the sugar content raises in the leaves, but they are high in protien too so the remaining deer do get some early fall food needs. I would think corn and soybeens need a whole lot more work to get a good crop?????
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