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The importation of other animals for breeding stock is probably the scariest thing to me. This will be the number 1 reason we get CWD. A few underhand/backdoor deals and we will have the it in several areas with the state.

There isn't much known at the moment on how to destroy the prions that lead to CWD. Extreme heat is about the only way that is really known. I just hate that "if we got it, we got it".

If TWRA is the agency responsible for our wildlife, I believe the testing does fall on them. I mean if you are a police officer (sworn to protect and serve) and crime rates are rising, it is your duty to try harder and do more to protect the people. It isn't the fault of the people. However, like in the example (because tax payers do contribute to the money for police forces) the hunters should be responsible for some of it. However, the agency that regulates our wildlife here should take the most of it.

Like I said, I will continue to fight bills like this by this man and his helpers. This is a great threat to our wildlife. We do have a very dedicated wildlife department here at UT and they, with help from others, are leading a heck of charge to keep this from getting passed.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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