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Primos Silver XP Scent Eliminator

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I normally think that Primos makes quality products so I recently picked up a bottle of their Scent Eliminator. I tried the test on the back of the bottle (putting fox urine on 2 seperate cotton balls, spraying one with Silver XP and the other with Wildlife Specialties Scent Killer). They both took the original scent away, but I noticed the Silver XP had a slight chemical odor.

I used the Silver XP a day or two this past week with HORRIBLE results. Deer smelt me at every turn. Even deer that were upwind of my scent spooked on me if they got within 60 yards.

I was very angry considering the bottle I bought cost almost 10 bucks. However, I still have a lot of W.S. Scent Killer and was gonna wash out the XP bottle and use it since it is much better the the scent killer spray bottle. However, I found that the bottle is not suppose to be reused....(i dont know if it is all of the bottle types) you could not take the top off the one I had bought which meant that even if it had worked well ( and it didnt) that I would have to buy a $10 bottle every time I needed more.....

I switched back to my W.S. Scent Killer spray for the rest of last week and had several deer within 5 feet of me. I even had one deer almost step on me. I spooked her before she did and then remained absolutely still....she started circling me but couldn't find any scent whatsoever and after being within 2 feet of me still couldn't even figure out if I was really there.

I reccommend NO ONE ever use the Silver XP Scent Eliminator from Primos. If it has worked for you, I'm glad you've had the success but I will never allow anyone hunting with me to even spray it on them....might as well carry Irish Spring in your pockets.

I use the full line of Wildlife Specialties Scent Killer (Scent-A-way soap, Scent-a-way deodorant, Scent Killer detergent) and I believe it is the best possible product on the market. They couldn't improve it if they tried.
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while i prefer my own or wildlife research i recently tried the xp and didnt have any problems or notice any smell and i could unscrew the top.i would send the company the bottle back and explain what happened maybe they'll refund your money or give ya a replacement:coffee:maybe ya got a bad bottle
honestly i LOVE the WS scent kit the soap, deoderant, dryer sheets, detergant and the spray i use them everytime i go out and i have never been scented thank fully because a coyote was no even 10 feet from me and had NO CLUE i was there i love the product and refuse to buy anything except for it.
I did buy some but have not used it yet. There are many products on the market for scent elimination or in the Primos case scent prevention. Truth be told NOTHING is fool proof Scent Blocker, Scent Shield, Primos XP, Scent LocK, etc... Does it help ---Yes, is it a fix all No. Bottom line is you have to play the wind as best you can or you will be busted. The biggest problem is with older mature animals that have been around the block a few times. If you don't play the wind correctly you probably won't even ever know they were there. My recent trip to ILL. taught me more than I ever knew about that darn nose and truth is you can't beat it you may think so but the answer is still no. In every area the deer and other animals have a tolerance level, cross it and game over. If a deer is coming to you care free and stops to look around he smelled you period. It is then that the animal decides what action it needs to take. All of this stuff is hype. It does work but no way near the claims they make. Always, Always, Always play the wind as best you can.
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