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Pretty cool scrape sequence

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Probably my best pics from a natural scrape yet.

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Awesome pics. I don't start seeing scrapes until the middle of october. I guess things are different up north. Neat to see pics of a deer making a scrape.

The scrape activity seems to be a little early here this year, maybe 10 days or so. Might be because of the cooler weather we've had lately, especially at night. It's sporadic right now.
Some of the breeding here begins mid October, but by far the most is done between late October to mid November with the peak usually around Nov 10th.
Real nice pics ..your camera shows the real deal

Thanks delbert. Apparently everybody doesn't feel the same. One of our members voted me a 1 out of 10 for this pic I posted for the trailcam contest .......Go figure.
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Not much you can do to make them totally theftproof. If they want it they'll find a way......sad

The Buckeye cam is one you can view from your home pc but it's out of my budget. Moltrie has brought one out recently that is supposed to work pretty much the same, but I haven't heard any reviews from owners yet.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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