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I have started looking forward to Oklahoma's opening day of Oct. 1 for bow hunting. It seems like every year there is more and more stuff to do to get ready. Practice is obvious. I have been trying to shoot as much as possible lately. I have dug through the storage building to find as much of my hunting gear as I could, and have made a list of missing or broken items to be replaced. A couple weeks ago I ordered some new shooting equipment, and finally have it all assembled and ready to start practicing with it. Today I went out and hung all but two of my sets for early bow season. Even with all this done there is a ton of stuff left to do. Here is my "to do before October" list:

Plow 3 food plots
Plant something in plots (if it ever rains)
Scout a couple new areas
Hang at least 2 more sets for SW wind
Pack the Pack
Get some "treestand food"
Do a little more trimming at a couple sets
Tune bow with new arrows
Wash all hunting equipment/clothing
Find a new set of boots

And probably some other stuff I cant think about at the moment. Does everyone have this much stuff to do before season? Maybe I should have had most of this stuff done already, but it seems like I am getting slower.

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Good news.. Your not abnormal!! At least compared to me. Minus the tilling of plots my list would look just like yours. And we are hoping to add the plots back on the lease next year.

If you ever added how much time we spend on hunting we would probably be amazed. Even when we already have all the essentials there is stuff to do and things to buy every year. Even if its only arrows or ammo.

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Man my stuff was all ready in June
addicted well maybe a little
maybe I should wait next year as the season gets closer (9 days)
I am getting antsy
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