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what whitetail said is good advice, i will just try to add to it somewhat. first off you have plenty of deer sign so thats great. i would be careful about checking your camera to often or over scouting your area. everytime you go in there your spreading your human scent around. just be careful about over crowding it. as of right now you know the land you have is in the deers pattern. we just want to keep it that way. you said you had 6 acres that was mostly field right? with a little patch of woods in the middle. do you have a tree line next to the road? if you do and your hunting with a gun or some other longer range weapon i might set up there on the first hunt and just see what you can see. you can learn a lot by just watching before jumping in the thick of it sometimes. if you have a bow and you need to get close, hunt the area you are seeing the droppings. it might not put you on that specific 8 pt buck but you should see some deer at least.

and yes it is possible to call a buck in with a grunt or rattilin. just dont "over call" space them out. and if you happen to see the buck i would not do anything if he is moving to you. only grunt when all hope is lost and your trying to turn him around to you or he is walking through and your already ready for the shot and you just want him to stop for split second so you can pull the trigger.

thanks for joining up hope you enjoy the site
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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