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FG, I was thinking that the cheap CVA Optima I got at Wal-mart could be bored out to a bigger .54-cal. It's .50 magnum, so it has a pretty thick wall. So you think that's would cost a lot?

BB, that Traditions is not bad. I don't get the breech plug thing tho. The plug still doesn't look in-line with the barrel. I understand flint is required for certain hunting seasons however.

For me, I guess the only thing retro that I would like in choosing my rifle are the nice wood stocks and the ability to shoot round ball accurately. It could be that gun makers are in cahoots (or are actually the same company) with the bullet makers and so they don't want everybody using round ball; it just cuts ammo makers out of the business. Well, I will exercise my purchasing power - there's no way I'm paying a buck or more per bullet - no way.
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