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prayers needed

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My uncles daughter had a severe asthma attack and went into cardiac arrest before help arrived right now she is in a medically induced coma and the family doesnt know what to do.the even sadder part is teresa has a developmentally challenged daughter .very sad my uncle is very upset as the Dr's think pulling the plug is the way to keep them all in your prayers please
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well the bad news came late last night .she has passed on to the next world and is with God now.everyone seems to be handling it okay and arrangements are being made looks like i'll be riding down to Maryland for the funeral
Joel I am so sorry to hear that and I hope that everybody can pull through this tragic event.
Joel please pass on to them that prayers are being sent out to help them cope with this tragic loss. God gives us the strenght and love to get through life, I'm sure he is already sending help in family and friends.
so far everyone is holding up okay.I will be driving down to maryland with my father on tuesday to see the family.the wife just started school again and cant make the trip
Truly sorry to hear such sorrow news My Family's thoughts & prayers go out to you & yours
I'm so sorry Joel. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family..
thanks again.i always try to find the positive in things .so far i got at least its bringing the whole extended family together for a few days,wish it was under happier conditions though.the scary part of this is shes my age and died from cardiac arrest after a bad asthma attack,which i also have problems with since i was a child.really makes ya think,maybe i should finally make out that will i've been putting off ya know?
Sorry for your lose Joel.. I will keep you and yours in my prayers.. Travel safe..
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