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Practice, practice practice

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I am so far behind on my annual practice schedule it ain't even funny. By now I should be hitting a 3" circle at 30 yards with just a few flyers out of 50 arrows a day. Instead I am struggling just to shoot fifty and keep them on the block. The season opens hear the last weekend of September and I have some catching up to do to be ready.

I should be shooting out of a stand already and dialing in the broadheads. ARGH! Not enough time in the day and it's getting less everyday! Just too dadgum busy.
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It must be in the Air, I can't seem to get caught up on anything this year seems like the more I do the more I fall behind.

Pain? This years been the worse for me in many years, I sealed our driveway last week and now my Back doesn't want to recover from it.

My Bow, I've shot it once so far that was 2 weeks ago I was shooting well but I dont develop that needed confidence without lots of practice and Bow season opens Oct. 3rd. :ranting:
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