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Practice, practice practice

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I am so far behind on my annual practice schedule it ain't even funny. By now I should be hitting a 3" circle at 30 yards with just a few flyers out of 50 arrows a day. Instead I am struggling just to shoot fifty and keep them on the block. The season opens hear the last weekend of September and I have some catching up to do to be ready.

I should be shooting out of a stand already and dialing in the broadheads. ARGH! Not enough time in the day and it's getting less everyday! Just too dadgum busy.
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I'm just 25 and am busier than years past. I wish I was out practising more too. Priorities, priorities. Family first, than the Great outdoors. (thats not alwaya easy to keep in line, especially with the air cooling down and the leaves turning colors)
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