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Powerful Video- must see!

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Our pastor showed the congregation this video last Sunday and the place erupted in applause at the end. You have to watch it all the way through guys and gals. It'll give you goose bumps, it'll set your heart on fire! Awesome awesome awesome is the LORD our GOD! Show this to your friends, family and other loved ones!

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AMEN! I like the ending.

Death couldn't handle him, the grave couldnt hold him..
I like the part towards the end where he says "I wish I could describe HIM!" hahahahaha
Great video, but as the movie says, can you handle the truth?
Thanks tator for a daily dose of truth, I really enjoyed it.
Very powerful
Great video tator!!!

I haven't seen it but, I think the clips in there are from the movie Jesus.
AWSOME video,got goose bumps
Just wanted to watch it again. Got my kids to watch it this time.

On this movie you folks are mentioning. I dont keep up with movies so can someone fill me in? When did the movie come out? Name? Etc... Thanks
bf, you can watch the "Jesus" movie online @ The JESUS Film Project | Watch the "JESUS" Film

The JESUS Film Project | Home

Choose your language and click watch
I think this is the movie noah racette referred to...
thanks for the info,going to check it out now
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