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I got this from my brother-in-law in Washington state, Had to put it on here: A guy from South Illinois won himself a new bass boat in a raffle, proud as punch, brings it home. His wife tells him "What are you gonna do with that thing, there's not enough water within a hundred miles of here to float that thing." He says"I don't care, I won it and I'm gonna keep it." Next day his brother stops by looking for his brother. The wife tells him "He's out behind the barn". The brother goes behind the barn, there's his brother sittin' in his new boat in the middle of a 40 acre field with a fishin' rod in his hand. The brother yells out "What in the heck are you doin'" Other one yells back"I'm fishin', what does it look like I'm doin'?" Other brother hollers back"You know it's people like you that give us other people here in Illinois a bad name, you're the reason everybody else thinks we're stupid. If I knew how to swim, I'd come out there and kick your ass!!!" Thought that was well worth sharing.
Does he use whiteout to correct his typing errors when he on a computer???:crazy:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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