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Have something your praying for? Share it with fellow deer hunters so they can help you pray.
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My 5 month old son. (Lucas) Cataract and eye issues. Thank you and God bless.
Then Lucas is in my prayers!:yes: I hope all works out well for Lucas and your family.
Lucas will be in my prayers as well
dad going under the knife

My father is going into surgery on july 15th to have a pacemaker defibrillator installed.He has all ready had surgery for clogged arteries due to smoking,dummy still smokes:thumbdown:.well its a risky procedure but if he doesnt get it done hes a dead man so e 's going for it.I ask all of you to prayer for him ,that God gives him the strength to survive the operation and make a full recovery and hopefully quit smoking.Thanks everybody
I will be praying for your dad Joel and wisdom for those docs..
heading up to see dad tomorrow before the big day.all of us kids and his brother will be waiting for him when he comes out of surgery on wednesday .
We'll keep you folks in our prayers Joel...
Best Wishes to your Dad for a quick painless surgery and a speedy recovery...
sorry I've missed this section but ALL are included in my prayers too.
My dad's surgury went well and hes home doing great thanks for the prayers and thank GOD,amen
i first want to state that i am proud to be a part of a forum that has a section that is designated to CHRISTians and pryer. it has become entierly to unpopular to be a christian in this countery. i personaly feel closer to god when i am in the woods, than i have ever felt in any church, and pry more aswell. (and not just for a sucsessfull hunt) i am sorry that i missed the opritunity to pry for your father, as well as the opritunity to have others pry for mine, as he has had 2 unsucsessfull knee surgerys in the last few months. i truely feel that pryer helps as my mom sent out menny pryer request for him about a year ago when he had throught canser. thanks to gods grace and skilled docs, my dad is cancer free.
That's great to hear Joel. NH well said and remember all you have to do is ask and we will help.
Awesome news Joel.. Its good to hear he is at home and doing well..
Some bad news this evening. An older gentlemen I go to church with passed away this evening while doing some caving. He said he felt bad and told his grand daughter to go get help. When help arrived he had already left. Blood clot in the lungs. Pray for his family please. Some of his grandkids lived with him so it will be especially tough on those young-uns. He was a father more than a grandfather to them. He was a veteran as well.
i put him in a prayer. he is in a better place.
Mine too, it's very sad to hear things like that.
I'm praying for the world's issues,..
Keeping ourselves aware of the latest news, researching the background to a situation, and taking opportunities to discuss the situation with informed people can give us important background knowledge. This in turn, informs our prayers, helping us direct our prayers to the particular and specific needs of the situation we are praying for.

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love."
--Mother Theresa--

********** P E A C E ! ***********

Pray for our leaders for the curtains on their eyes to be lifted and the plugs taken out of their ears and to simply return God to the forefront.
I was watching 20/20 last night and saw Charlie Sheen on the show. Man-o-man does he need our prayers guys. I first off don't agree with his so called "hit show" 2 1/2 men. There are many things on that show that are not Biblical and it's just NOT a good show to watch. I discourage any of you from watching it. But also, Mr. Sheen is clearly not doing good. Yesterday was March 1, 2011 and I don't give this actor a year to live. He looked that bad. He's going to overdose and die just like all the other actors out there who get lost in the "big-time life". It's so sad, I think. He had a beautiful wife and I think at least 1 child that he's given up. It's hard when someone in your life resorts to using drugs and focuses their time on it rather than you. Obviously people are more important than drugs.
Let's all pray for him. That he'll have a repenting attitude of his life so far. That he will be lifted up in front of our Lord and that God will protect him from any wrong doings.

Good luck Charlie
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