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post rut

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well the time has come when the rut is bout over..... now what? having a really hard time seeing deer in teh same places that i have previously been seeing them. what should i do? any tips for calling and/or rattlin? i up for anything right now. been about a week since the last deer all.
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maybe doe bleats but definitely no buck grunts or rattling. FOOD is the key in the post rut for does and bucks to fatten up for winter. that's where you'll see the secondary rut take place. just my opinion.
im with ronn food and security cover are the places to be.i wouldnt call maybe use a cover scent or doe scent.
but, if the does are in the 30 day secondary rut then an estrus scent just might bring in big daddy. Rut is rut whether it's primary or secondary. Food, cover, travel routes, bed areas. Deer are switching to winter survival mode here in the midwest.
true HM where are you hunting wranglerambler
ive been wondering the same for some late season tips. would rub lines still be a good place to set up shop or is it too late. also will bucks use the same general rub areas year after year??
Around here I see more big bucks standing stupid in fields than any other time. In mid December - 2nd breeding period. There are not as many does to breed although there are some, and the bucks are moving, but not as aggressive. Hard hunting for me any way ya look at it, but hey.......what else have I to do?
sorry been a while.
hunting in nc. saw three does yesterday, but no bucks. hunt in the woods near a small thicket and on a pretty regular deer path. Deer seem to have moved to the feilds starting around the mid afternoon.
Up here in Michigan with the cold weather there hasn't been much activity for me either, so don't feel to bad. Deer seem to be moving alot at night and then hunkered down in the thick stuff during daylight. Though, they should be herding up pretty soon if not already, have'nt been out in a week. I seem to have better luck sitting near a good bedding area and food source. Deer need to pack on the pounds for the winter.
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