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Post for Cash April-May 07 Winners

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The 2 winners of our Post for Cash contest are billp and critter gitter. They will be receiving a check from for $25. Congrats on the winning of free money. I will need both of you to private message me your mailing address and name to who you want the check made out to. You have until 10:00 am May 17th to claim your prize. If no claim is made we will redraw at that time. A reply to this post will work as a claim to your winnings. Thanks for using

And spend that money on some new hunting stuff!! Not a value meal from some fast food joint. :lol:
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congrats to both ill gues ill have to spend my own money boo hoo
you still may have a chance if they dont claim it by thursday morning. then its a 1 in 6 chance instead of 1 in 8.
Thats cool. Congratulations bill and critter.
i sent the reply thanks
there is winner #1. now lets see if critter shows up.
i "hope" the aliens didnt get em:bag:
this is about the time critter shows up.

here critter critter here boy! :lol:
40 mins left
well did critter show
ok it is past the deadline that i set for the winners to show up. but after some thought maybe i did not give the winners ample time to show up. anything could happen in 2 days. im just going to let critter gitter have a few more days.

but since the mess up was probably ours by not allowing ample time i will go ahead and draw 1 more winner.

in future contest we will have to get yall's input on how long the winners of each contest should be allowed to claim it.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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