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Pop-Up Blinds????

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I am looking to purchase a pop-up blind. Curious though, since they are so warm especially for bow hunting in Texas, does anyone ever have trouble w/ critters getting in, (i.e. snakes, scorpions, etc.)? I also am curious do people that own pop up blinds use them year round or seasonally. I am curious if people are starting to swing toward the pop up blind due to versatility rather than a fixed permanent stand that is where it is? Any response or insight would be greatly appreciated, and will definetley help me make a good decision. Last question, which pop-up would you personally recommend?
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You do what ever it takes to be where the deer want to be. Ground blinds are just another great tool to get the job done. Don't know about the critters. I bet ETD would know, she is from Texas.
I have an ameristep pop-up blind its okay but I have never killed a deer in it my dad has missed 2 does in it. The one thing that always seem to happen to me is I always get smelt so if there is any tree around that I can get in I will but if you have kids that hunt with you this would be great and if I was buying a new blind I would buy the primos darkhorse or the primos matrix 360 they will cost you some money but it will be worth it.
I have had an ameristep pop-up blind too, I was pleased with mine, as far as the heat goes...mine was not too bad. But DO NOT leave it out all year, I did and it got dry-rotted and basicly fell apart when I tried to move it 2 years later. YES, bugs do get in them, as well as snakes, although I never encounterd a snake while sitting there were just snake sheds left behind
Ground blinds seem to work for me. I shoot a doe last season in november. Just remember to where black or dark clothing so that you don't put a shadow on the inside of the blind. Make sure that the ground blind is big enough so you can draw your bow inside comfortably, some blinds are too small. Don't leave the blind out laa year, but put it a month ahead of the season so the deer get used to it. Once they see it all the time and nothing scares them they will come in close to it all of the time. GOOD LUCK AND GOOD HUNTING!!!!
Just be carefull of state laws on clothing. Pa requires 250 sq" of orange to be worn while in the blind during the rifle season. This would be a hat and vest. Archers have an exclusion while sitting on stand. Check your state laws!
You may have already purchased one by now, but if not, be sure to get one with large rectangular windows. I had one with triangle shaped windows and felt VERY restricted while shooting my bow. took it back after 3-4 hunts, exchanged it for rectangles. Huge difference!
Another thing is it will probably never work as good as they do on tv or mags. No matter how hard I've tried to "brush it in", the deer almost always notice. I've shot a few deer out of my blind, but never a wise old buck. But I still like it. Sure makes a cold rainy day more tolerable!
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