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Poosible new toy

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kinda liking that H&R .270 i got awhile back. Thinking of getting another one, but want to go off the "reservation" for a caliber. was thinking of the 500 mag. Anyone have an idea on this round out of a rifle?
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I saw one of these at a gun shop not to long ago for like $230...I thought about buying it but I couldn't get past the price of the ammo. $40-$60 for 20 rounds. I pay somewhere around $10 for a box of 5 sabot slugs so its about equal, but I mostly use a rifle now anyway. I think if you bought one of these rifles in 500 S&W mag you would probably need to reload for it.
yeah, the ammo price is probably the only hang-up. you don't have to many choices of calibers in them rifles. Just was wanting something different. The biggest they go is 45-70, not sure, but that might be a shoulder buster. lol
45-70 is really not all that shoulder buster'ish. depending on what you shoot as a daily hunting/benchrest gun. and before i get hate mail for saying that, we used to go every weekend and shoot 7mm RUM, 338 Lapua, .458 LOTT and a 375 H& really after shooting fairly powerful rounds like those, a 45-70 feels like about at -06. and believe it or not, 45-70 is actually a fun round to reload.... and lead is pretty cheap....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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