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I as well lean toward the conservative side. So that puts my vote with the McCain/Palin ticket. Im like ronn on this stuff. You dont wanna get me started on my "Im scared of Obama". Whats sad is McCain wasnt in my top choices either. Either side can be grim but I think less damage will be with McCain.

Ive always thought if every American went out and voted the republicans will win this year. We cant really trust the polls on most networks today. (dont need to get started on that either)

What I dont like are people that vote for certain party only because thats what they have always done. I wish we would just vote for the better candiadate and throw parties out the window.

I liked ronn's comment. Here is one of mine Ive used over the years.

I wish they would find some farmers that have been running a business for 90 years, made it through the really hard times, and know's how to make business work without all the bull crap. And money does not sway their thoughts.

Banks have been giving money to folks that didnt need it for several years now. What do they expect to happen when people are maxed out on their bills. Their still going to eat out and go on vacation. They will just quit making the house payment. And how many folks could work, but choose not to because they would rather sit at home and draw a check, food stamps and TNcare insurance. Because their to good to get a job at Kroger or a nursery somewhere. I dont agree with illegal immigration but we Americans could learn something from all these Mexicans coming to TN. They work like crazy. Save their money. Take care of their families and do the work that we Americans think we are to good to do because our hands get dirty and it makes our back hurt. The generation Im in and the one being raised today have no clue what real work is. (For the most part, I believe I got a grasp on what work is and so do some other young folks, there are just very few.)

Im done. I could rattle on this all day long.
1 - 4 of 34 Posts
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