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Planted Oats Today...

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Finnaly got around to planting the we just have to hope for a rain...

Pretty Sandy

AFTER SEEDING -- got fed up with the spinner and threw it by hand...

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Covering the seed


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I like that equipment. I could put that disc to work for a couple days. I like that haybale blind. Still looks good.
Great setup and all. But what happened to the tractor driver in the 3rd pic????
EDT that's some nice equipment to do some serious food plot farming. How many acres total go to deer plots?
3rd Pic...I didn't think he was too comfortable with his face on the internet...

HM - I really don't have a set number on how many acres goes to food of right now less than 1/2 an acre

Yep the equipment deffentaly got the job done...and very fast too
I hope you have better luck with the rain than we have here ETD. We can't seem to buy one...... I still like that blind, great job. Have you sat in it at all and watched deer? I'd be in it every chance I got....
No, I haven't sat in it...yet
it wasn,t your spinner it the oats..they are just to lite to throw out...i do it by hand a lot ...nice tractor
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