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Are any of you from the south? Its alot different hunting and food plot plannting in the south than in the north. I would like to get some ideas on plannting in the south. Ive tried plannting a few times but havnt had much luck with it. Dont know if i planted the wrong things or if i done it at the wrong time. Any help would be appreciated.
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I'm from texas and we usually plant oats in late Sept. -- we disc the area well (to get all the other grasses out) and then we spread the seed and the deer in my area respond well to them...
Plus you have to consider the area. For instance, where I hunt over in Schliecher Co. TX (West Texas) is a totally different ecosystem even from where Droptine here is, let alone LA. So you have to see what works in your area. You might try asking local farmers what the deer are eating, (believe me they'll know they might even invite you to thin the herd a little ;) ) or even so far as to see what deer management companies in your area are using. Remember food plots arent just about attracting deer to kill, but for growing healthy ones that you can hunt in future seasons.
Found this report from the LSU AG department. Apparently they did a study on whitetail food plot plantings. Hope it helps.
Here in TN we are going to plant Shot Plot during the middle of Sept.. The guys I am on the lease with said that stuff came up better than anything else they have tried so far..

We sprayed the old plots with poison.. Will go back and disc/till up the ground.. Then sow the seed..
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