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Who will make it to the finals?

  • Detroit Pistons

    Votes: 2 50.0%
  • Cleveland Cavaliers

    Votes: 2 50.0%

Piston or Cavs?

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Pistons or Cavs?

Does James stand a chance against this team. Here is to hoping it's a good series. Upset?
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i voted for the pistons only because i think they will win the series. i would rather the cavs pull off the upset but i dont think james can do it by hisself. that foreign dude with the last name of paplovich or something like that can help james out alot if he can get hot on the 3's. i just dont see it happening though due to the fact the pistons have to much experience and several talented players. (mr. prince ain't one of them either. i could take that guy 1 on 1.)
Tick tick, time running out...James drives to the basket and...passes. Much to the dismay of many he passes to Donyell Marshall and his 35% 3pt shooting for the year. Down by 2 and taking a 3 pointer to end the game wasn't such a bad idea to steal one on the road in my opinion. You couldn't get more open, if the basket went everyone would be saying Lebron the hero with his would have been triple double, instead he came up 1 assist shy and he's an idiot for not ball hogging. You win some and lose some.
yeah you cant fault him to much for passing. even though i was wondering why he did not just take the shot myself
pistons up 2 games to none. game 2 did have a little more excitement though
Almost looked like an instant replay in that game. 30+ seconds left...James drives to the basket...and passes to Pavlovic this time...he goes up for the shot and forgets to shoot...traveling is the call. Come on now. The Pistons got the calls or lack there of at the end of the game though. If Varejao wasn't such a flopper he probably would have got the call when Rasheed Wallace created plenty of room to make the shot down the stretch. Then at the end James got fouled about three times in the same play by "Rip" Hamilton. I know the refs don't like to make the call at the end of the game but that looked obvious to me. Maybe he should have passed again.
Well the Cavs have done their job at home. They could have been up in this series so easily at this point. Drew Gooden is doing just enough. Larry Hughes is becoming nonexistent, but they are getting quality play from rookie Daniel Gibson, '06 2nd round pick from Texas. James is averaging an impressive 25 points 8 assists 8 rebounds right about. Might want to tune in to this series, it's shaped up to be a good one. If you can stand to watch Ilgauskas throwing up his ugly hook shots.
Cavs go up 3-2 after winning in double OT in Detroit. Led by Lebron James biggest playoff game, with 48 points, they pulled off the upset 109-107. The chance will be there to win at home to make it to the finals, but you know how good the Pistons are with their backs against the wall. The good news for the Pistons was that they had very balanced scoring in this game with Billups, Hamilton, and Webber all scoring 20 points or more.
i did not see the game or read it in the paper but i heard at work that lebron scored like the last 25 pts or so.
Well it's officially in the books. The rookie Gibson does it again going 7-9 from the floor including a perfect 5-5 on 3's, scoring a huge 31 points. James had another "magic" game with 20 points, 14 rebounds, 8 assists. The Pistons lost game 6 of the conference finals two years in a row. Final score 98-82. Spurs vs. Cavs starts Thursday.
i am happy with the outcome but still surprised the pistons lost the 4 in a row.
That double OT game the cavs won was an absolutely amazing game by Lebron. If my memory serves me, he finished with 48 points, and he scored 29 of the last 30 points scored by the cavs. He was literally a one-man wrecking crew. He had huge dunks, fallaway threes; it was just amazing to see the guy throw down.

Toward the end of the 4th quarter and into the first OT the Pistons were trying to play a man defense, but Lebron was absolutely shredding them with layups and dunks. So they dropped back into a zone D and then he killed them with some huge outside shots.

Hate to call it Jordan-esque, but it was pretty damn close.

Btw, Teshawn Prince got owned multiple times.
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