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Do deer (bucks) prefer to run the creek bottoms where there are alot of pines which make it a little darker than the normal upper flats? I know that they run along the 3/4 to the top on most hills but there is the thick piney area all along the bottom and I went strolling in there today and saw mega rubs and trails. I almost think that it is a safe haven runway for them. Then I found a good trail running along a secondary stream with steep sides almost dropping off in some spots and it was below the oak flats and corn.

This pic is of the steep sided stream and the red squiggly lines are the white oaks and the fields are cut corn and the yellow line is the heavy trail that runs along the top of the steep side going through thick dark pines and shrubs

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I like the map post. Looks like a great area to hunt. Bucks always seem to have their secrete trails and usually it will be in the thick stuff. They will change these routes during the rut. During winter cold temps deer will bed down in the pines for thermo protection. With the buck rubs in the pines maybe you've found a new spot to hunt.
i'd say hunt the sign and i agree with hm.
Hunt the break lines and look for sign in any gullies or draws and use them as they are usuallly escape routes or trails leading in or out of the pines. Also look for the southern exposures for the thermal warming areas.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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