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I've been on this forum for about a month now and I finally clicked on the pictures and stuff. Can anybody advise me on going about putting pictures up on here. I have to start from the bottom. Camera, ports, cables, everything I need to get started. When the store sold us this computer they said it's the top of the line model with a HD screen and comes with some photosmart picture scanner or something like that. They said that it's compatible with anything that has ports or something weird like that. Will I need one of those digital cameras? Anything will be appreciated. The simpler the better.:confused:

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Greetings Timberghost, I guess you should take it a step at a time. The first step being how are you going to get the pictures onto your computer.
Here are some options.
Bring your pictures to a photo lab for scanning onto a CD or
find a friend/relative with a scanner and they can scan them onto CD for you or
if you're getting film developed they can add them to a CD at the same time or
Buy a Digital Camera personally the Digital Camera (major advantages) is the way I would go.
when you insert a CD with pics a pop up will ask you to choose what you want to do, easy procedures just follow the steps.
If you hook up a digital Camera the computer will automatically recognize it and give you another pop up as well. Same thing easy procedures just follow the steps.

Most Digital Camera's (not all) come with everything you need to get started
( Computer cables, TV cables, power supplies, chargers, softwares, manuals ) most softwares for the digital cameras have editing capabilities so thats a plus too.
now If you want my oppinion on a good brand Digital camera, I say Look into Olympus....
I own one and mine is 6 years old and the features & quality are still at par with some of the newest ones on the market today.

Good Luck... if you need more advice don't hesitate to ask.

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After they are on your computer...

You can use a free website like photobucket to get a code to post them onto your forum posts. You just sign up, upload the picures you put on your comupter, then it will give you an HTML code. Just copy and past and post.
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