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wow I haven't been on here in a while..

good bucks -- this is the 1st droptine buck i've ever gotten pics of plus he even has an extra tine coming out of his base

ha looks like he has it figured out where his corn is coming from

note the doe running off in the background..

this fawn has a pretty good chunk taken out of it...prolly coyotes or dogs...but it looks to be healing good, i have pics from yesterday of it

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we went fishing in the bay last weekend..

haha there's not even a fish on...if look close enough you can see my bobber (it's lime green) sitting on top of the water..

my mom caught a sting ray..but as soon as she got it up next to the boat it un-hooked itself

it was really pretty that morning

few hogs across the river

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Awesome buck,nice stingray,and that's alot of bacon.
Looks good ETD..
i been wondering were your bucks were
Hey Girl, Glad you made it back with some more Awesome pics.. :thumbup:

Is it Pork Hunting season yet??? LOL :w00t:
Enjoyed your pics.
that drop tine buck is sweeeeeet:lol: great pics ya got a talent for sure,wildlife photographer is a possible career choice?
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