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WELCOME to the site! Like GFD and Kansasdoe have said, Moultrie is the way to go. I personally have not ever purchased a cuddeback, but don't want to spend the money on one either. I have had Primos Truth cams before- they are junk as well- can't handle the summer heat (and I'm assuming they can't handle the winter's cold).

As GFD said, the D55 is offered in flash and IR (infrared). The "flash" they are talking about is the basically the amount of feet away that will be visible when the camera takes a pic at night. The strobe flash of the non-infrared camera is what we usually deem as a FLASH, because it actually flashes like a strob-light.

I'm not sure they even MAKE 7mm cameras anymore. The D55 and M80 are both SD card cameras. I'm not sure what they mean by film strip??? But rest assured, they are not Film cameras. I personally recommend the M80, but it looks like you already bought the D55- which is a great choice too. The M80 takes a little more clearer pics than the D55ir and it has a slightly faster trigger time too.

Good luck, and if you have any other questions let us know!

P.S. GFD--- I keep my cams out all year long. And Missouri has temps that reach 110 in the summer and below 0 in the winter! They keep on kicking!
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