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Pic of 1st deer bow kill

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anyone see where I stuck her?

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maybe dead center chest? If so you were really lucky to have found her. Nice size doe and congrats.
Nope that is what a few freinds thought really have4 to look hard to find it
Where's waldo???
She only went 50 yards & left a blood trail solid for all 50 yards & was at least 3 feet wide dark red & some bubbling
ok maybe throat? Blood running down the front end.
OK I will tell ya it was a long hunt had watched these few doe for an hour eating acorns & this one finally came up to where I was sitting at full draw twice for over 5 min ea time we were in a stare down head on she just would not look away ( Must have liked my charming good looks YEAH RIGHT) she finally gave me a shot at this time my arms were getting tired picked the spot & released
If you look at the most left arrow in my quiver you will see part of the very large hole in her neck I took out everything in the neck even cut into the vertebrae not the best shot but I have learned that Now instead of shooting 12 to 40 arrows a night I am shooting 6 & holding ea at full draw for as long as I can to try & still make the shot this could have gone wrong in a hurry but someone was looking over me & my youngest daughter got venison for her birthday dinner Just what she wanted from me 10/10/10 A hunt I will never forget
good job HM I thought that was the dead giveaway you won what I don't know but I will think of something
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lets see, :crazy: fully guided hunt in NH :shocking: :whistling: Sounds like your rig did an awesome job and Just gotta add though, try a broadside shot on the next one!!!
Hmmm I will have to think about that one
Funny thing is she was broadside just not a whole lot of her sticking out I had the kill zone forward just shot forward thank goodness for the Rage I really have to give the credit to the broadhead on this one
I've seen first hand what the rage can do. I tried them last year and just don't have the good feel to me. Went back to Muzzy MX3 for now.
Congrats!!!!! Nice big doe!!
Looks like a good one, congrats.
Congratulations!!!! Nice way to start off the season.. :thumbup:
Thanks everyone it may only be a doe but it will alway's be a trophy to me
My daugter is very proud & told her class she got the best birthday present ever
I'm with you, they are all trophies. If you can get close enough to a whitetail to make a good shot that is something to be proud of.

Ok where did you hit it?:thumbup:
How many arrows do you have in that quiver? Geesh I think I'm down to four.
Took her in the throat & took out everything from part of the spinal column forward Yeah I know my buddies were making fun of me with all my arrows a few of them are set up for small game for the darn Squirrels I have a quick detach quiver so usually what I get set up I remove it from the bow
Buckshot, he said I won the "where did I hit it contest". Still waiting for the prize. Although it took 2 guesses. We didn't talk about possible neck roast damage, the most (bestest), I know what's that word, part of the deer. This year I don't have any doe tags for PA, we decided that there are just too few deer to harvest the does for a couple of years. Hopefully my freezer space gets some replacements. Oh, I should be going to NH for a fully guided hunt, a sure fire deer in the bag hunt! :whistling::ibtl:
HM very little neck roast damage
I wish I could afford to get you out here but if you are in NH I could welcome you in on a hunt can't "Guide" in NH without a license
& I don't remember this part "a sure fire deer in the bag hunt! :whistling::ibtl: "
You obviously have never hunted NH only sure thing is you will be in the woods LOL


speaking of prizes no contests this year finally get one with the bow jeeezzzz
J/K :smile:
Just posting fun on the winning the where did I hit it contest. Nice job and continued success in the harvesting department.No prizes needed.
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