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all right so whats the deal with this.I put in the pic from my pics when i hit the browse thing i get is an error message ive tried at least 10 times im getting fed up any suggestions?i tried photobucket too no dice
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I don't know if you're having a problem or if the site is giving you trouble.
what I do is Click on Gallery top left menu bar then i click on Upload Photo's from the upper right menu bar (choose Member galleries for now) then I click on browse and locate the pic i want to upload (click open) then enter a title, and description then click Upload/Submit...

If that doesn't work, buckfever will have to investigate it on the site end
Good Luck
is the error stating that the pic your trying to upload is to big of a file. or something like "exceeds the file limit" thats the main problem i always had with it. i had to use my photo edit stuff on my computer and save a resized smaller version of the pic before i could upload it. i use to put the pics in the fourms. in the gallery i just browse my computer for the pic i want after i resized it and click upload.

sorry this is giving you grief. it can be a pain sometimes.
ill try resizing dont use tiny pic but photobucket.i was downloading straight from my pictures folder .bruce i did everything the way you said so it must be the size of the pics:wallbash:
Yeppers, I've encountered that file size error myself a few times....
i believe it is set up to accept pics 500 kb are smaller. in your resize software there may be a button called "best for the web"

i noticed that on my dads kodak software on his computer and he said thats what he does to resize them before he puts them on here.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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