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pheasant hunting

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iv been thinking of pheasant hunting, but dont know how sucsessfull i could be with my current equiptment and no dogs. i have heard that it is just about pointless to hunt them with no dogs. and how would a 20ga. do?
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Hunting upland birds w/o a dog is difficult at best. I have been told its possible,however I have been hunting pheasant for eight years and have only kicked up two or three w/o the dogs help. A twenty guage is fine , I prefer my 12 guage over and under so I have two different chokes.
not sure about pointless but it won't be easy. the best part of pheasnt/upland bird hunting is the seeing the dog work.
In Ohio I hunted 90% without a dog and did fairly well. It takes 2-4 hunters walking a field 20-30yds apart and usually when you just reach the end of the field they will take flight. Some of the older wiser birds will run if possible then without a dog becomes a problem. One of the prettiest game birds! Better to try then to say never did it.
The issue that we have in NH is that all the pheasant are stocked from farms in PA or NY and put out over a four week period at specific sites. They don't hold over from year to year and die through the winters. So kicking one up by foot is few and far between unless you happen to arrive shortly after a stocking. But by all means give it heck .
gota find someone with dogs to hunt with then. im not aloud to have a dog were i live.
Today was are openening day for upland bird and mine lasted all of one hour. The dog pointed five pheasant, two woodcock, and one snipe. we ended up taking two nice roosters , all before the rain started.
do u hunt the southern part of NH
I hunted friday afternoon in the pouring rain and didn't put up a single bird, then went saturday afternoon saw one rooster in the road and put up one in really thick cover that i couldn't see, where in the state do you hunt
Central part,Saturday we got another two roosters,haven't been out since Can't wait until woodcock this week.
well good luck to ya , im headin up to Winchester Friday morning before school hope to get somethin
Should be fun , they may have stocked today or friday. I have not hunted south of salisbury for pheasants. I am going out late friday morning with my shorthaired pointer. I hope to get into some woodcock, they are a fun target. you get about three seconds to shoot . They are like a hummingbird with its backside on fire.
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