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OK now dont laugh too hard but I now have a pet turkey and we named him DINNER. yes it still sounds funny to call for dinner out the back door LMAO :pickle:It's a Jake with about a 1 inch beard and boy does he like to gobble, LOL This bird was given to me by my younger brother ( I just had to get it after he asked) I have found myself setting out side playing with my calles and veiwing his responces to them in hopes of it helping me become a better caller. Now I know what a few of you are thinking belive me I though of it to. (use as decoy) well here in Kentucky it is illegal to use live birds for decoys or bait wild turkey so he will stay at home when I go BUUUUUUUTTTT there is notting wrong with my pet doing a little calling and I might just look out my back door to a nice bird. LOL he is in a cage for now I was hoping to let him get use to us and then let him loose and mabey he'll stay around the house like a farm animal. ( I Hope) I think I am going to tie a hunter orange ribbon around his legs and let every one around me know that if they or they let others hunt that if the bird has orange ribbon on the legs not to shoot. we'll see how that goes even if the bird doent stick around he might live through this year anyhow. you think he would anyways with only a 1 inch beard but people get desperate the last few days to fill tags.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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