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Paul’s deep fried venison roast:

Take any cut of venison roast with or without the bone.
Use a Turkey injector and inject the roast with as much marinate as it will hold. I use the dark store bought that they sell with the Turkey marinates. It says it’s for red meats.
Liberally powder and rub in McCormick meat tenderizer.
Pack on as much cracked black pepper as you can get to stay on.

Set aside to warm to room temp.

In a Turkey fryer heat peanut oil to 375

Slowly lower meat into preheated oil. I have done as many as four roasts at a time.

Cooking time will vary depending on size and number. I would check with a meat thermometer about every twenty minutes.
I prefer mine a medium done so at about 160-170 degrees I take one out and cut it. I like it pink in the center.

If you don’t over cook it will be the most tender and moist roast you have ever had. GUARANTEED
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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