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Pass through shots

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Hey guys maybe you can give an opion to settle an arguement between some of my hunting buddies.
Which is better a complete pass through shot in the vitals area or a partial pass with the arrow still in the vital area? My stand is a complete pass through to allow a good blood trail.
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I'll bet their view is let the broadhead jostle around and cut more, right? My personal opinion is the pass through in the vitals is best. If you hit the vitals guarantee that animal will die. The question is how far from where it gets hit. A pass through will help you figure that out. That being said you don't NEED a blood trail to track a deer but it sure does help.
Complete pass through is what i prefer. Better chance of your arrow not getting broke off when the deer is running in the woods. Plus when you dont have a complete pass through chances are you will be gutting the deer hoping you dont slice your fingers on a broke broadhead.
complete pass through,better blood trail odds are you double lung it which means the deer aint going far
Complete pass through. You start trying to do anything else and run risk of not going deep enough for ethical kill. Always go for the pass through and if it doesn't then hopefully it will kill the animal quickly. I would hate to think an animal suffered because I didn't won't too much penetration and misjudged something. Remove all doubt possible in my opinion, too many deer wounded and lost as is, it happens, let's not do anything that may perpetuate that.
Pass through, two blood holes always better than one especially if is high on the side. The object of any kill is quick, not letting a broadhead cut for awhile till death occurs. Also, I tend to like to re-use my arrows so a pass through gives me a good chance of arrow recovery.
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