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PA trip

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Well the annual bow hunting trip is nearly here. Leaving on Saturday. Will have about 10 days of hunting. This should put us in the prime rut time period. This is my 35th hunting season there, where have all those years went. Hopefully, I have some good stories and pictures to post, I know there will be stories can't guarentee buck pole pictures. I hope everyone hunting is successfull and safe. HM
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Good luck HM, have fun, enjoy camp, most importantly be safe!!
have a great time and some much needed R&R hope ya get some veni for the freezer
Good Luck! ML starts on the 8th here do not bow hunt yet. Can Not wait!!!!
Good luck HM,Ive been meaning to ask you how many times youve been to the new Bass pro shop.I take my dad to the michigan race every year,and this year we decided to stop and check out Bass pro shop,well it was Sunday when we stopped and they didnt open the doors for business until Tue. or Wed. needless to say we were bummed.What part of PA. do you hunt?
Been to Bass pro 7-8 times, I hunt clearfield area south of I-80 Mid state slightly north.
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