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Ozone Scent elimination

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Hi Everyone!
I'm a bowhunter (a newbie anyways) and I know that scent elimination is absolutely key in seeing more deer. I've seen a few products out nowadays as electronic scent eliminators. It seems like they produce ozone that "kills scents" by destroying it at the molecular level. Has anyone used any of these products? How have they worked for you? were your results good or bad? would you reccomend one brand over another? for me anything would help.
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Never used one of those. I still go with the scent free soap, spray etc.

Here is an article on what I do.

Even though I do go through the trouble to do all that wind is still most important. I think its darn near impossible to remove all scent. Especially for me as I eat on my crackers and Snickers bar.

I have been busted a lot less since I started washing my clothes and spraying everything down with scent killer (following that article) than when I did nothing at all.
Yeah. In all honesty I do all of that and then some... but I'm thinking of it as an adjunct to help with scent elim. not as a be all and end all. Basically anything that will make me a more successful hunter. Then again I dont want to blow any money on a crock of cr*p. Just lookin for input.
I think are sport is approaching ridiculous with some of these god how did the indians do it.spray down and watch the wind alot of this stuff coming out is comical.another thing your not meant to kill every deer you see nature gave them good defenses and sometimes you will get busted.just put your time in and common sense about spraying down and good things will happen.
we have a winner
This is why I stop watching hunting shows a couple months before hunting season I sometimes have to catch myself as they do try to suck you into "this will get you bigger deer then you ever have guaranteed"
Or you will see more deer guaranteed
YOU also will be broke & have a backpack full of garbage
I will tell you I stick to the basics now I use wildlife research scent killer spray, the combo shampoo & body wash & deodorant, I have a grunt call the bleat can, my survival stuff & snacks & that is all I carry any more, I went from a HUGE backpack to a fanny pack style
:shocking:I had alot of success using scentlock garments and scent away. I wash my hunting clothes before each outing. I admit that it sounds like over kill but I had alot of sucess with this method, I almost never get detected. I would also consider doing this if you use any kind of scent attraction. Not so much the scent lock but the showering and keeping as scent free as possible.
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