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The passion for whitetails is strong here but the quality of deer isnt. Trophy bucks are few and far between.
Greetings from Vermont Aaron, welcome to the club.
Tropy whitetail bucks are located in every area you find whitetails.
North Carolina produces some very high quality whitetails, there's plenty of Trophy's that could be harvested out of N.C. but you have to do the homework to find out where the best places to hunt for them are.
I don't know why you think out of state hunting would be better for you, personally for me It would be a greater trophy If I got it in an area where people said there weren't any/many.
Just for the fun of it, I did some research to try and determine where I'd hunt in N.C. "IF" I was looking for a monster buck, I can tell ya I'd want to be looking in Guilford or Caswell County, that's where I'd start scouting anyway.
Here's a tip for trophy hunting "IF" a hunter takes a trophy whitetail from "anywhere land" you can bet the farm "Anywhere land" is going to give up more trophy's.

If you're determined to hunt in other states give us some idea's on what states you'd consider hunting in.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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