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great info/history. Gun control here in the states is always a hot topic politically. Seems like democrates want to take/restrict, republicans seem to be more for gun owners rights. Most here also agree that the 30-06 is a favorite historic caliber for many of our game animals too. The 270 winchester round probably comes in a close second. Purchasing a firearm in your homeland sounds like a nightmare. For comparison, I was just able to secure a rifle by bidding for it on the computer then having won the bid, pay on line to the dealer, in another state, and have it sent to my dealer all in 1.5 weeks, we are still fortunate in that regard. What's the best game animal for taste/eating purposes? I'm pretty hooked on our elk meat when I can get it. Our black bear is also very good as long as it fed on natural foods and not from garbage dumps. Deer meat obviously is consumed by many here on this site. So your open game season is now over? How did you do overall? Sounds like some of your family hunts with you, that's a great experience to share! Best regards!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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