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Out of Africa

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I am new to this forum. I am from South Africa. Hunting is my passion and as with many others do not get enough opportunity to enjoy it, need to work most of the time. I an not a trophy hunter per se, although I have "collected" a few, but that was by chance, in the cross-hair of the scope.

Am wondering if any of the fellow members have been to Africa to hunt, and what their experience was like, what they shot, etc.
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never been to africa but welcome from upstate new york.
I would love to hunt in Africa, but I haven't yet. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the DHC. Glad to have you aboard here. Never been to Africa but it looks like a great place to persue wild game of all sizes. Again, welcome to the site.
hello and welcome from the State of Ohio, I would love to hunt Africa some day.
Thanks for the warm welcomes.

Hunting over here has over the last 2 decades been commercialized. Many stock ranches have converted to game ranches for obvious reasons. "Farming" is fast becomming an extinct occupation....., and theft of wild game (except rhino's these days) are not as easy as with stock.

Most hunting areas nowdays are converted stock farms. All interior fencing used for cattle, goats and sheep are taken down and only the boundry fences not only kept, but made higher and inproved. Smaller stock farms were "consumed" by larger game neighbours and these game ranches are anything between 1000 to 20000 hectars. You do get the occational larger ranch. Americans are the favourite hunter species, and there are some of these ranches that would only cater for foreign hunters. It is at these ranches where you pay for 5 star treatment and be sure to add 5 x 00000 to your bill.

There are also still stock ranches where game is roaming and even these farmers cater hunters, but only in hunting season. It is at these ranches where we normally hunt, and since hunting is now a business concern, we pay as well. This is all to the better as the economical / business approach does more for nature / game conservation that a "free for all" situation.

We have a "hunting season", normally Jun - Aug, were free range plains game species like Kudu, Bushbuck can be hunted. Only way to legally hunt Kudu and Bushbuck "out of season" is on one of these commercialized ranches. All hunters are required to take out an annual hunting license which cost you R25-00 (ZAR) about 3 to 4 $ US.

Favourite calibers, depending on specie size range from .243, 22-250, 270, .308, 30-06. In my opinion the 30-06 is the most versitile all rounder, although the most animals take by me was with my .303 Brit. For long I used the 174gr and lately changed to the 150gr. I could later post a picture or two of the success with my .303.

Silencers or rather suppressors are legal to hunt with, and I have one fitted on my .303. The main objective is the recoil minimizing effect, that enables my boys to also use my rifle. With the suppressor my youngest son was able to bag his first Springbuck when he was 8 yrs.

South Africa had for as long as I can remember "gun control", and these days with some new control legislation worsening the situation. I have paid for a Musgrave 30-06, and applied for the license more that a year ago, and am still waiting. I understand that "gun control" these days are also a hot topic in the USA.

Just a little background info.
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great info/history. Gun control here in the states is always a hot topic politically. Seems like democrates want to take/restrict, republicans seem to be more for gun owners rights. Most here also agree that the 30-06 is a favorite historic caliber for many of our game animals too. The 270 winchester round probably comes in a close second. Purchasing a firearm in your homeland sounds like a nightmare. For comparison, I was just able to secure a rifle by bidding for it on the computer then having won the bid, pay on line to the dealer, in another state, and have it sent to my dealer all in 1.5 weeks, we are still fortunate in that regard. What's the best game animal for taste/eating purposes? I'm pretty hooked on our elk meat when I can get it. Our black bear is also very good as long as it fed on natural foods and not from garbage dumps. Deer meat obviously is consumed by many here on this site. So your open game season is now over? How did you do overall? Sounds like some of your family hunts with you, that's a great experience to share! Best regards!
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Greetings from Vermont & Welcome to the club.
Your 1.5 weeks verus my 1.5 year........ that's so unfair.....

All plains game species make an excellent meal, I prefer female and or young male (not the handbag size though) animals. Old and sometimes even adult male meat tend to be a little tough.

My meat end up as biltong (dried & spiced meat.... some people compare it with your jerky... i would not know) sausage, dries sauge, mince, patties, steak. I have bagged kudu, springbuck, bushbuck, warthog (I like hunting pumba) bushpig, duiker, fellow deer, ribbuck, implala.

My 2 boys normally accompany me on hunts.... been promoted to PH, Private Bankier and gun bearer. I carry the gun, show the kids where to shoot what and when, and pay at the end of the hunt, but I do not complain. This year started of well for the boys, I only managed to make up close to th eend of season, but I still have a few hunts lined up till the end of the year, and whole year is open season on species like warthog, springbuck, Impala.

Farmers in my area also often request us to help with Egiptian Geese (Gippo) ruining seedlings and sometimes it is Monkeys.
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