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Out $12.00

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Well went out yesterday to shoot the new Mayhems was grouping within a 5" circle w/ 5 arrows went to shoot # 6 & just as I went to trigger the release my cell rang (always on vibrate for work) must have turned the ringer on & scared the crap out of me. shot the 3D deer in the leg (plastic) I shattered the brand new mayhem.
what bothers me is not that I just exploded 12 bucks but that the arrow did not hold up to a hollow plastic leg Now when I got back into bowhunting 5 years ago I shot this leg many of times w/ the pse xweaves & never broke an arrow how are these things going to hold up hitting bone?
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You should probally check with the company to see what they say. They might not do anything but customer feedback is greatly appreciated by most. I had pin break on my sight, no big deal but I emailed the company and they sent me a new pin which had a much stonger/better design for free.

On a similar note, i exploded an arrow 3 feet from my face while bowhunting. I was shooting at an 8 point buck and trying to slip an arrow just past the trunk in front of me. My string clipped my shirt sending the arrow slighty off course, clipped the trunk and was gone. In the heat of the moment I didn/t klnow what had happend. Then while looking around I saw a flethcing, the nock and a two inch piece of arrow with one fletching on it. That was more like $25 since I couldn't find the broadhead. I always check and double check my sleeves are not lose and always where an arm guard to keep the sleeve totally out of the way now.
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I always check my arrows everytime before I shoot them Arrow was brand new they are a stiffer arrow then the pse & supposed to be stronger but my thinking is because they are so stiff that they don't have the give as a more flexable arrow just don't want to have to buy a new arrow everytime I hunt
I have exploded several different carbon arrows over the years. All have been my fault. When I was shooting after neck surgery and pretty weak I sent a beaman into the wood fence :nerd: and it blew up. Easton axis also. I then started to think about carbon fibers in deer meat. I would not have thought the new mayhems would have done that??? Maybe a defective arrow right from the start.
HM That is what I am hoping is the case
Also, last fall my buddy, who shoots lots of arrows, noticed several of his carbons had developed hairline cracks near the tip inserts. We all shoudl be inspecting arrows for any damage and discarding them.
I am NOT going to say I have never exploded a graphite shaft because as soon as I do , all bets are off. closest I have come though is exploding the tip of a maxima 350 on a 2x4.

Indeed, contact the manufacturer. if they are worth their salt, you will be satisfied with their response.
funny this post came up again I went to the bow shop to shoot Sat. & was talking to my bow guy about it he asked to see it I just happen to have it in the car. brought it in he also said he has never seen a Mayhem do that either. He replaced it for me he seems to think it was not cut or fitted correctly (all he would tell me) I purchased these on a huge sale day they had a ton of reps in there working one that cut my arrows
my bow guy told me he had a few people w/ the same problem w/ different arrows he took all my others & checked them as well
all is OK
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