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OSU vs Texas

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If you notice Colt MCcoy wincing in pain during the bowl game it just means my voodoo doll is working!! OSU needs some help!
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Well I don't think you guys will have any problem with OSU at all. Would have liked to seen Alabama vs Texas I thin kit would made for a better game.
Don't be too fast to count out my buckeye's, last time the two met texas didn't show up. First time was a last second pass to win so they match up well. Florida and Ok are two best teams BCS got it right.
I will agree with Flordia being the best team but I think Alabama is the 2nd best team. OK has no Defense thats why Flordia is gonna KILL them!!!!
I think Ok has the highest scoring offense in the history of college football, Florida is very good, but I give the nod to OK. I would put USC as my 3rd ranked team. the Tide would be 4-5.
Come on I get tired of everyone thinking USC has got the stuff. Alabama should be in your top 3 at least. Come on.
Sorry, just the facts. The tide has a pretty good defense but lacks enough solid offense. I do think next year they will be a contender again. I hate USC but they like Florida have a good blend of both offense and defense maybe the best defense in the land. Ok offense is 1, USC 2, Fl 3. Defense is closer, USC, FL and AL close. Ok defense is only fair, but when you score 60 pts/ game on good defenses then the other team is in trouble. Ok 38 FL 31. I didn't see who AL is playing in their bowl game???
Its a joke to me. We are playing UTAH.
Now we do agree!!!!
OSU vs Texas is a good game so far in the Fiesta Bowl
Yep good first half, hope the Buckeyes hold out out for the win.
Well I got to espn and find out who won.. I had to work and missed it. Seeing how you didn't get back online after the second half I'm assuming they lost. Unless through your excitement you put your head threw the roof..
Tough loss hm.. Keep your head up though they played them a lot tougher than the rest of the nation thought they would..

Go sec
I have to admit it was a great game, rightdown to the last 28 sec when Texas won it. I really though OSU would pull it out leading by 4 pts, but the defense didn't hold. If the title game is as good as this one was it will be worth watching. The thing is a loss is a loss and Ohio State needs to learn how to win the big games again!:crybaby:
How about Utah being the National Champs, they did beat Alabama. I think it is time for a playoff system.
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