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opinions on the remington genesis

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Hey I just joined a couple weeks ago, and was wondering? Does anyone have a remington genesis, bought mine from cabela's on a whim it's got the laminate thumb hole stock and the fluted stainless barrel.She sure is pretteeee, got it real cheap tooand now They don't carry the genesis did remington drop the genesis, or did cabela's stop carrying the genesis. Anyway I haven't found much in the forums on them any comments, thoughts, opinions. I know lots of thoughts in this one thread.:pickle:
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sorry, i dont know anything about them. btw welcome from centeral NH
Greetings from Vermont, I'm not familiar with the genesis either, sorry. Welcome to the club.

Go to someone there will be able to help you.
Sorry no help from me either on this one.
thanx for your help passanything along that you do here:thumbup:
Just went through the 2009 Remington catalog, and while they have one of the more impressive line ups of shotguns and rifles they've had in years - they no longer catalog a muzzleloader.

The Genesis, introduced 3 or 4 years ago, was made in Spain. (At the same plant where Traditions muzzleloaders are made.) And I think that once that word got out, no one was really interested in a Spanish-Made-Remington-Muzzleloader.

I've heard from several Genesis owners who claimed to get great accuracy with their rifles. I've shot several of the Traditions rifles, which feature the same barrel, and they have been extremely accurate.

I know the head of marketing at Remington, and took the liberty to drop him an e-mail and ask about whether or not Remington has dropped the Genesis line. As soon as I find out something, I'll get back on here and share what I learn.

Toby Bridges
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re; to wolf kill

Wow thanks that would be great! :pickle:
Still No Answer From Remington

I've been away for a few days getting in some end-of-summer back country trout fishing before the snows begin to fly here in western Montana. But, I still have not herd back from my contact at Remington...
so I'll drop him another e-mail.

Toby Bridges
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