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opening weekend nothing in sight

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A full day in the field and nothing to show. Not one deer seen all day by me or my hunting partner. The movement we saw was a [email protected]%$%$% coyote.:ranting::wallbash: Just don't know what to do. I need to get rid of the coyotes, but if I call them in it will just continue to screw up the area. If I don't call them and shot them, the area will still be messed up. Oh well. Need some advice. I hunted a cut corn field early morning and evening, but had nothing move in. Mid day I hunted a trail heading to and from the field. Where do you think I need to go?:confused::crazy:
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Hmm, around here, as far as I know, the coyotes and deer ignore each other. Running around in the wilds I've seen tons of sign, and deer, in areas with tons of coyotes. Killing the coyotes certainly won't magically bring more deer into the area, at least not during a single season.

Around here wolves are moving back in however, they do shift the deer populations. But not nearly as much as certain construction projects (such as quarries and human habitation). The biggest problem has been many people closing their land to hunting, creating massive safe havens where the deer just hang out.

Wish I could offer advice, but I don't have enough experience hunting. And we have a two month a single day without seeing a deer is no big deal.
Dont give up yet!!! Coyotes dont seem to scare the deer off where i hunt either. Its not a bad idea to kill some but wait till after the season. I hunted several days and didnt see any deer, and hunt the next day and see 10 or 15. You never know for sure...just be patient!
around here the coyotes play havoc with the deer. walk around the frozen lake and you'll find a half dozen carcasses not to mention whats out in the woods. if the coyotes are thick in an area here the deer move out.
I know around here the deer have left the area because of the coyotes. Ever since I got pictures of the coyotes on camera, the amount of pictures that I'm getting has dropped 95%. That's a huge drop in the travel of these deer. I really don't have a clue what to do.
if i saw a coyote chasing a deer by my stand i'd shoot the coyote then if i had the chance the deer. shoot the coyotes! they are a great hunt as well. very sharp critter.
Hmm, talking to people I've heard reports of large coyote packs causing problems with deer in other states. Around here I've never seen more than two together at a time.

There are probably larger packs though. My family had a dog that adopted us (a red heeler and probably bulldog mix). One day when I was about 9 I saw him laying next to the house covered in blood. We left food and water, kept our distance...and he become the most protective dog you can imagine once he recovered. It had to be more than a couple coyotes who took him on though, because at one point he destroyed a black lab three times his size that got aggressive.
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