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opening of muzzleloader

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well tommrow is the opening of muzzleloader in manitoba not to sure about the staes but just wanted to wish u guys all a good luck and hope to see some pic of deer u guys got have fun guys talk to u in a week when i get back from hunting
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good luck quadmaster22, dont forget to take some pics for us... :biggrin:
Yes.. good luck!!! Our ml opens the first part of Nov. Im sure we will see more deer on here when folks are hunting with a firearm in their hands.
good luck! muzzle loader is a few weeks away and i am itchin to be in the woods.saw a few nice rubs and scrapes pre-rut and cannot wait to see who is livin there!:pickle:
I've got my bags packed for the weekend. Got the old smoke pole out last night and got her ready for action.
I wish everyone a safe and productive hunting season, enjoy!
I'll second what HM said...
We start Nov 1 here in NH Good luck all & yes be safe
good luck have a great time and stay safe
hey just got back

hey guys just got back from my muzzleloader trip i got a nice doe but didnt take a picture and my dad got a nice 4 by 4 buck ill have to put the picture off my phone on here it got a wide spread really nice animal i got a 2nd deer tag to fill yet waiting for a big buck but didnt see one that was a shooter so when i get a deer ill take a pic of it for u guys and ill post the one of my dads soon good luck guys
Congrats on the deer hope the next one is a hawg
congrats on the doe.if post a pic ya can be in the doe contest
Way to go! Nothing like the smell of black powder in the morning.

I got two myself saturday.

where were u hunting felxj and what did u shoot bucks or does??
Hunting in NW Oklahoma, and it was a doe in the morning and one (kinda) buck in the evening...It was one of those "shoot that before it gets a chance to reproduce" bucks if you know what I mean.
I am have been up most of the night. I am as excited as a kid waiting for christmas morning :)
Our muzzle season doesn't even come in until Dec. 1. Our rifle season starts the 15th of Nov., getting ready for that since we have some clients coming in for that. I shot my new TC Triumph for the first time, sweet!! Loved the way it shot, I can hardly wait until Dec.!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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