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Opening Day

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Well i love baseball and i love the Cincinnatti Reds gonna watch em at 4pm.Too bad there gonna stink.World sereis predctions Tigers vs Phillies.Phillies win it.
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Watched Boston vs Detroit before the Reds game, great game for a season opener, I don't know if you caught it, Boston came back from a 2-0 defecit in the top of the 9th to tie, then the Tigers loaded the bases in the bottom of the 9th and hit a hard shot down the 3rd base line for the win. Don't count the Cards out of the World Series just yetHAHA
I did watch it Tom it was a good game.I want Boston to go on a losing streak cause Bobby Valentine is :crazy:.
You got that right Spiker, I think I'd almost rather have Bill Parcells manage BostonHAHA.
I love baseball as well. Most of you know I am Braves fan. This evening is the first time I have got to catch a game so far this year. We have started just like we finished last year. (very bad)

I dont think its the Phillies year this year. I can see the Tigers being there for sure.
Sorry my CARDS had to take care of your Reds last night! They are HOT right now even without Pujols. The thing people need to remember is that besides ONE GAME last post season, the Cards won the W.S. without Pujols. He was in a huge slump and didn't hit worth a hoot (except that ONE game where he had like 15 HR's) LOL

GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tator my Reds cant touch the Cardinals.They killed em all of last year too.The Reds can beat Milwaukee but St.Louis owns em.They are off to a nice start and they havent got Carpenter back yet.Read an article from Puljous in Usa today said he's an Angel now and not bitter but he sure did mention St.Louis alot.Wish he just say he left because of the MONEY!!!!
Like you said Spiker, yesterday Cardinals 3 Reds 1.
Spiker--- Pujols is a very sore subject around here in Cardinals Nation. I wish him the best, but he left behind a team and an organization that can not be topped. I have seen alot of baseball in my short life, and the Cardinals run an organization with absolute CLASS. Other teams have their "bad boys" who want to mouth off about managers and owners, etc... When's the last time you heard about a STL Cardinal getting arrested for drunken driving? (BESIDES LARUSSA A COUPLE YEARS AGO! LOL) When's the last time you've heard a Cardinal moaning and complaining on TV about playing time?

Anyone seen Detroit play? HOLY COW! They are definately going somewhere this year....
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