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Opening Day Buck

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Great Day of Hunting Yesterday!!! Started out poorly but quickly turned to the right. I hunt with my sons as ive talked about in previous post. My oldest is 15 and has yet to harvest a deer. We worked a couple weeks setting up feed stations scouting and setting up temporary hunting blinds only to find on opening day his blind was missing all that was inhis spot was a metal chair. He came across the field just after daylight emotional and upset. I let him sit with me for anhour or so then decided to leave and get him a new blind a start over for the evening hunt. This is where the hunt turned Right. On the way out of the field I saw Doe about 500 yds off across the field. I , thinking I would salvage the morning, stalked up slowly to about 300 yds from her found a good shooting position and just as I was about to fire a Nice Buck stepped out on to the field by her. I squeezed off a round and watched as he dropped. I ranged the shot to be 275yds. This is my first deer with a Rifle as I have always hunted Louisiana with Shotguns. So needless to say i was excited. My son found his Blind later in the afternoon the Kansas wind had blown it about 30 yds across the grass and he couldnt see it before daylight. Will have pic up as soon as I can manage to get it to upload.
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Congrats on the deer and glad your son found his blind! Looking forward to see the pics..

there's nothing more frustrating to a hunter than getting everything prepared and set up only to wake up at the crack of dawn, go out to your spot, and something has happened--- whether it be your blind blows away, your stand has been stolen, or the deer began using another trail too far away from your spot. FRUSTRATING!
Update pic

I finnally got the pic downsized so it will upload...


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better pic

heres a better pic of this Buck he isnt a monster bbut is my first buck and my first deer with a rifle after years of hunting in Louisiana with shotguns. Im a little proud.


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Congrats whodat! that's a nice buck indeed!
Congratulations Whodat!!! That's a fine looking Buck...
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