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Opening day 90 degrees

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yeah it was hot. i stayed and fought the bugs and the sweating only till about 10:00 am. saw 0 deer. oh well you cant get them everytime. i just hope it cools down soon. i dont like hunting when its hot out there.
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dont worry bro, it will cool down soon enough then you should start to see more deer.
i dont know bout the south but i read up north anything over 45 and the deer dont budge in thy're winter coats.I dont know how true it is
yeah they seem to slow down their movement when its hot down here. dont worry about me not hanging in there though. i think i will be able to go next thurs morn. i hope
it seems to be true the colder it is the more the deer move
i could have went hunting this morning but decided to pass on it. still helping a friend build his house. 2 of my hunting buds went and hunted till eleven am. they both got skunked again. they said it was about 85 degrees or so.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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