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one gun

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The troops move in and take all but one of your guns. What gun would you pick for your last one. Take into consideration all needs and how the gun would best help out for your survival. You only get 1 pick from your collection and why did you choose it?
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what guns???????

the bush master carbon 223. at around 3 pounds and with a laser its darn near a pistol and being 223 with a red dot it could do the job taking game for food.
Out of my current guns I would have to choose my Remington 870 Super magnum.

Why? 20 second barrel change and you have a totally different gun, capable of varried tasks. Excellent for close range to moderate distances. Reliable and sturdy.
It would not be good for me.. I would need to keep 2, one shotgun, one rifle..

But thats not the game so I guess it would be the 30/30. it would be hard to shoot small game with it and enough of the meat be edible and not blown to Egypt, but I could take big game with it that would support me longer.

See why I would need the shotgun as well.
As I recall we had this question come up a long time ago... I'll answer the same way now as I did way back then.

I'll keep my 7.62x39 because with that one, I should be able to get all the other ones back. :boxing:
in the sinario given: they can have em when they pry them from my cold dead hands. as for asking wich of my i think could be used in the widest veriaty of sinarios from hunting to home/self defence. i would have to say my 20ga. mossburg 500. its got 2 barrels (26" and 19") and 2 stocks (rifel &pistol grip) its enuff to kill and type of game from squral to moosse and everything inbetween. plus it would be good for 2 legged varmit too.
My bushmastser in 223. Ammo is easy to get and with proper bullet placement you can shot large birds to big game and commies as well.
I don't have much of a choice: 30-06, 12 gauge turkey barrel/rifled slug, .22, or sons BB gun. I'll go with the 30-06.
I'd have to say my .22 rifle. I can take plenty of small game with it. It will take down a deer with a well placed shot, and I have the most ammo stockpiled for it than anything else. You can also quiet it down quite a bit if you have to.
If we're talking survival, not war, Ruger 10-22. No use taking big game if you're in a survival situation. You have no way to preserve it in the wild. My 10-22 with a scope would keep me alive a long time. I can carry 1000 rounds easily. Can't do that with anyhing else. If you're also talking evasion, you can't be loaded down with a fancy heavy assualt rifle & gobs of ammo. IMHO, That's not survival. That's an amateur weekend.
Greetings aharley1, welcome to the deerhunters club.

the .22LR compared to the 7.62x39

The .22 catridges may be smaller in size making it possible to carry more rounds "Comfortably",,,
but what you have to keep in mind is, Survival doesn't accommodate comfort.
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I haven't answered my own post so far, but I'm thinking a 12 ga in the urban rigging in 3" mag red dot and loaded with oo buck. I could hunt out to 50-60 yds and protect fairly well. Everything is a compromise on this one but responces are interesting and diverse.
I think "One Gun" choice would partially depend on where you lived.
Question,why did they leave you one gun?I'm afraid that is'nt a part of their plan if implimented.
I would hope that they would look at the pre 1898 and muzzleloaders that everyone has and leave them.
If one modern gun,.22mag rimfire,capable of taking anything if FORCED to;and quiet enough to be under the radar in remote enviroment.
Although not recommended,you can fire lr's in mag,it's been done accidently.
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