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One down

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After starting the season with a severe cold I finaly got to the woods where I could sit still and be quite. It was a beutiful day here in TN with temps in the high 60's. When out for an evening hunt and didn't see anything until about an hour before dark when the wind died down. I hit a few soft grunts on the grunt tube and had three small bucks come in on a string.

For the first deer of the year I took a 23 yard shot at a six point and he droped on the spot, thank goodness because I still haven't fully recovered from the plague I had.

Got to test out the new online check in and it is SWEET.

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Congrats on your deer.It's opening morning in Oklahoma,and I've decided not to set in my stand.We have about 30 mph winds this morning and rain.Maybe in a few hours it will be better.Good luck on the rest of your season.
Congrats on your first deer of the 09 season. Glad your plague has ended.
Congratulations Buckshot!!!
that's a dandy 6 pointer... :w00t:
congrats. hope you get to feeling 100% bet that buck helped.
Congrats. my uncle and i managed to down 2 does in all the rain on the opener
congrats to all the successful hunters already this year!
nice job and a fine buck congrats
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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