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one and a half hours!!!!!

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dad my son and I went on a fly fishing hole jumping day today. my boy nor I had any luck but my father hooked up with two small stripes in the spot we went to in atemps at a trout or two but we never thought about them starting to drop the lake back down to level so it was up and muddied up so no trout just those two stripe my dad got. well we desided to head back to the house we almost get there we desided to go on down to the tail waters here on rough river ( his house is less than 3 miles away any how.) now to back up earlyer this morning we were there burning up the crappies with our fly rods but they truned the horns on and started droping the lake down. well then we had rod and reels with us to fish for gar and stripes but they never moved in so we went home and desided to go trout hoppin. so every thing was unloaded but fly fishing stuff and off we had went. now back to the second time we ended up there all we had was our fly fishing gear so we started fishing and in less than 5 mins dad hooked up with a gar. well he was fishing with I think it was his sage fly rod and reel but I know it was his 5wt rod with 4 lbs tess tippet with a red and white popeye. it didnt take long before he had a crowed all around him all with intespation of seen his catch and they all did get to see that gar make a few jumps but most did not stick around long enough to see the fish come out of the water. It took him one and a half hours to land what turned out to be an 12 lbs gar. that fish made the day for us all. he even while fighting the fish called over one of the little kids from the crowed that gathered to let this little boy hold his fly rod for a few mins letting him fight that fish ( that boy was around 6 years old and I say it made a soon to be fly fisherman out of him as well).:pickle::thumbup:
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WOW! That sounds like an exciting day of fishing. I have never been fly fishing before but if I saw someone fighting a fish like that with a crowd around them, I definately wouldn't have been able to walk away from that one with out seeing the fish landed first. :shocking: An hour and a half is like no other fight that I have ever had in my life(I am assuming that the fish just kept taking out line over and over) and I have been fishing for 25 years. It just goes to show you that you never know what you might catch on any given day. Thanks for the story. I enjoyed it a lot. I think it is time to go drop a line in myself after hearing that one. :w00t:
Now that's what I call making memories. Priceless!
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