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on line auctions

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How many of you ever look at on-line actions for gun purchases? I have been lucky as all the purchased ones have been great buys.I have found that the sellers with high sell numbers with low or o negative ratings are on the up and up, They seem to provide the most/best pictures too. Detailed close-ups are needed to evaluate properly. I have a bid on a Winchester model 88 in 308 cal, made in 1955 (first year made) and carries a Leupold model 8 scope origional military sling and two clips.. This rifle is untouched, has some use marks but looks good.
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i look at online sales i never bought a firearm from there but the one i look at man they got page after page of big boy toys
I've browsed online auctions in the past but I've never bid on or bought from an online auction but I wouldn't hesitate if there was something I really wanted to buy/bid on.
This is one area that allows a person to look at a vast assortment of firearms all over the country. It used to be you bought from friends or maybe a gun show. Just be careful and do your homework. There are buys out there and then there are collectables that if you want to pay the big bucks you can get them too. Probably keeps me at the computer too much instead of exercising like the Dr. ordered! :nerd:
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