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Never thought I would say this.. I enjoyed watching swimming the past week are so.. Phelps has been wearing everybody out.. Even watched gymnastics for a little while. (am I still a guy?) :lol: Anyway its been cool watching all the different games. Though I still have not figured out why some are considered a sport.

We have the most medals right now but we are getting smoked in the total golds.
Go USA!!!
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I have been watching alot of the Olympics as well. The competition is intense and I found myself checking out some odd "sports". I can't ever catch the boxing matches though. LIke you said "GO USA".
yeah its okay mark dont worry:thumbup:me and the wife have been watching too,its amazing what the human body can too when its fine tuned:thumbup:
You have directv timber? On the like 750 751 752 channels it shows alot of coverage at times. That is where ive seen most of the boxing.. I dont agree with the scoring system on half the matches in boxing.
I've been watching the olympics too.....never really watched it until now...I thought that since they started the olympics on 8-8-08 at 8:00 am and Phelps won 8 golds that was pretty cool
Our Olympic boxers should have stayed home this year, the 2008 olympic Boxing events are the worse ever for the USA. and the only sport I absolutely love is Boxing :sad:

Here's a link for you TimberGhost, it's a link Diretly to Olympic Boxing events BUT trust me you're not going to be happy when you go check it out.
I have DirectTV Buck and I find boxing on MSNBC but it's always done and gone. But I never even checked out those other channels but I will. That's a cool site Bruce but your right about not being happy about the results. The scoring for Olympic style boxing is ridiculous if you compare it USAboxing. I can't believe that Luis Yanez of Texas and Raushee Warren of Ohio lost already. I've seen these two fight personally and I really believe that they are unbeatable. According to the cards they both lost by 1 point:thumbdown: They are still my favorites, we'll get em next time.:boxing:
Good match between the Americans and Brazil right now in dude's volleyball. Were going to pull it out though..

The womans match was good last night with the Americans bringing home the gold.
I finally watched a match in the welterweight div. between Cuba and Thailand and Cuba was ripped off big time. The commentators said that Cuba should put in a protest. I'm disgusted with the scoring and favortism in that match anyways. Oh, and thanks for the info about DirectTV Buck, I watched it on the 750's.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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