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Old time Michigan U.P. hunter

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Hey thanks for the invite.

I have been watching Larry Benoit since he aired on the American Sportsman back in the 70's.

I hunt around Waters Meet Michigan and if I were younger I would love to try his methods west of where we hunt. The Ottawa National Forest is over 1 million acres of wilderness. I have taken over 35 bucks and our camp has taken over 40 bucks over 20 years. We still hunt.The challenge is for some young person to take Larry's challenge and go for the trophies by tracking. With G.P.S. system's you can now do it with out being in the mountains. There are miles and miles of wilderness just like Maine that have light hunting pressure.

Let me know if anyone is interested I am retired and will get you the information.

Lon Koops
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Those Benoits are nuts, with all due respect. got to be a tough what to go.
Hello Lon. Your location caught my attention. I am a tracker who hunts the Ottawa and it is refreshing to see a camp like yours that hunts the right way anymore. If you have any tips on areas that are lightly or not hunted, drop me a note. I am always looking for new areas for tracking. I downed a 203 lb dressed 9pt last year by tracking him over 3 days and 20 miles...a great hunt.

I didn't know I was hunting the wrong way all these years! :ph34r: I too hunt the UP of Michigan and have never run into tracker type hunters. I can see the personal reward for taking a nice buck that way, but in years without snow just how do you do that for 20 miles??? Every region of the country hunts in slightly different ways and I would not consider any of those a wrong way. Good luck hunting in whatever style you choose. I'm not trying to bust anyone's chops here but I really don't care for comments that are or tend to insinuate no one else is correct. Sorry for the early morning bad vibes. heading off to work, they had better be ware HM is in a foul mood!!:boxing:
not many areas are blessed with that much undeveloped land.round here even the catskill and adirondack mountains have towns and private property that would make this type of hunting for hunting the real way you aint gonna make any friends by insulting us
Wow, some touchy folks. A little advice, don't read too far into things. I was not saying tracking is superior to stand hunting or still hunting I apologize for the assumption. I am referring to the blatant baiting that occurs here in the UP, it disgusts me frankly to even call that hunting. I live up here and have to deal with guys coming in and throwing their bait piles out after driving their 4 wheelers in. But my post was not meant to delve into that topic, all I wanted to do was potentially contact a guy who hunts out of a camp generally in the area I hunt also, and still hunters to boot. Not many hunt like that anymore.

As for the legitimate question to what to do with no snow. I also heavily scout and find spots to sit on big buck sign when I have to. If I have to sit all day then that's what it takes. If it is rainy out, I'll still hunt but I don't like to just wander the woods hoping to run into a buck if I can help it. I prefer tracking but you have to take what the weather gives you.
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We're usually pretty open minded on most subjects unless our feelings are hurt:whistling:
ahhh never mind,my mom always said if ya aint got nothing nice to say......
ottawa hunt

hello old timer! i respect your knowledge. i am a lone hunter very interested in this are and hunting style any help would be appreciated.
tempting U.P

My great grandmother on moms side was American Indian and my uncle's could hunt like no other. Unfortunately they kept most technique's close. I'm willing to bet that the only advance's in equipment they would use today are the battery powered insoles.
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